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Welcome to our beagle website! We’re ardent dog lovers. We aim to give you the best pet care advice and tools.

About Us, OEPBR Beagle

Who are we? 

John Woods is the owner and founder of this website. Since childhood, John has loved beagles. He knew he had to dedicate his life to his beagle website. John’s love of beagles drives our team.

Cooper and Daisy are our pet mascots. Cooper and Daisy, John’s beagles, inspired this website. Daisy is gentle and likes hugs, while Cooper is handsome and mischievous. They love to catch and long walks.

Since childhood, John has loved beagles. John’s childhood beagle, Max, was his steady companion. They played and explored the trees near their home for hours.

John left home and began a family as he got older. He never stopped loving beagles. When they got a pup, he and his wife knew they wanted a beagle.

Cooper arrived that way. Cooper was a naughty dog. However, John and his family loved him and became close. Cooper joined them on all their excursions, from mountain hikes to park afternoons.

Tragedy hit. Cooper needed emergency veterinary care. John’s family suffered. They prayed for Cooper’s recovery for days at the vet.

After ages, Cooper improved. John and his family were glad to have him home, even though he was weak and needed care.

John learned he loved beagles during this time. He began researching their care and demeanor. He shared stories and tips with beagle owners for hours.

John’s website, oepbr.org was born. He wished to gather beagle owners to share their stories—a spot to share knowledge and support.

John’s website, oepbr.org is now a global beagle community. John still loves beagles like a kid. He knows that having a dog has its ups and downs, but the love and joy a beagle brings is worth it.

Next up, we have our team of writers and researchers. Our team comprises experts in beagle behavior, nutrition, and health. Our website’s material is accurate because they spend hours researching beagle trends and developments.

Readers, lastly. We created this website to bring beagle fans together to share and learn. We’re glad you found us and hope you’ll stay and chat.

Thus summarizing us. We’re beagle lovers who want to spread our love. We’re here to aid beagle owners of all levels. We offer training, nutrition, and fun events.

We hope you’ll revisit our website. Contact us with any queries or suggestions. Contact us!