Beagle Or Jack Russell: Which Breed Makes the Best Pet?

Are you considering getting a dog? Beagles and Jack Russells are popular breeds for new pets. Which breed makes the best pet? This article compares Beagles and Jack Russells to help you choose a breed. Physical Characteristics Medium-sized beagles weigh 18–30 pounds and stand 13–15 inches tall. Tricolor, black-and-tan, and lemon coats are short and … Read more

Beagle or Basset Hound: Which One is the Best Companion for You?

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Beagle Aussie Mix: A Guide to This Adorable Hybrid

The Beagle-Aussie Mix, a relatively new designer breed, is becoming increasingly popular in households worldwide. This mix of the sweet Beagle and the smart Australian Shepherd makes a great family pet. This guide will help you decide if you want a Beagle-Aussie mix. The Origin of the Beagle-Aussie Mix Beagles and Australian Shepherds are bred … Read more