Beagle Or Jack Russell: Which Breed Makes the Best Pet?

Are you considering getting a dog? Beagles and Jack Russells are popular breeds for new pets. Which breed makes the best pet? This article compares Beagles and Jack Russells to help you choose a breed.

Short Answer

The choice between a Beagle and a Jack Russell comes down to temperament. Both breeds have distinct strengths. Beagles are gentle, friendly family pets. They have easy-to-groom coats. Jack Russells are agile, energetic, and smaller than Beagles. They’re smart, active dogs.

Both breeds have advantages and disadvantages in terms of size and weight. Jack Russells are 15 pounds or less and agile. Beagles weigh 30 pounds and stand 1 foot tall. Beagles live 12–15 years, and Jack Russells live 12–14 years. The Beagle is the more child-friendly breed.

The Jack-A-Bee, a mix of the two breeds, maybe a good choice. High-energy and friendly, this mix makes a great family pet. Due to their high exercise and stimulation needs, they may not suit laid-back dog owners. Both breeds are great; your choice should depend on your lifestyle, personality, and pet expectations.

Physical Characteristics

Medium-sized beagles weigh 18–30 pounds and stand 13–15 inches tall. Tricolor, black-and-tan, and lemon coats are short and smooth. However, Jack Russells weigh 13–17 pounds and are 10–15 inches tall. Their wiry white coat has black or tan markings.

Temperament and personality

Beagles are friendly and social. They like kids and other pets and are easy to train. They’re prey-driven, so keep them on a leash or in a secure area outside. However, Jack Russell is energetic and aggressive. They’re hard to train and not ideal for young families. They may dig and bark due to their prey drive.

Exercise Needs

High-energy Beagles and Jack Russells need daily exercise. Daily walks and secure off-leash playtime benefit beagles who love to run. Jack Russells need daily exercise, but agility or other high-energy activities may be better.

Grooming Needs

Short, smooth beagle coats require little grooming. They shed, so brushing keeps their coat healthy. Jack Russell’s wiry coats need regular brushing and trimming to avoid matting. They need to clean their ears often because they get ear infections.

Health Issues

Obesity, hip dysplasia, and ear infections plague beagles. Patellar luxation, Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, and eye problems can affect Jack Russells. To avoid health issues, choose a reputable breeder and get regular veterinary care.

Training and intelligence

Beagles are smart and trainable. Positive reinforcement and obedience training benefit them. However, Jack Russells may need a firm hand to train. They are smart and may benefit from mental stimulation like agility or tracking.


Selecting a Beagle or Jack Russell can be difficult. Jack Russells are smart, energetic, and aggressive, while beagles are friendly and easy to train. Your lifestyle and preferences determine the best breed. Research and choose a reputable breeder to get a healthy and happy dog. Your Beagle or Jack Russell will be loyal and loving.


What is the average lifespan of a Beagle or Jack Russell?

Beagles and Jack Russells live 12–15 years. Diet, exercise, and genetics affect this. Health care can help them live long and healthy lives.

Are beagles or Jack Russells good with children?

Beagles and Jack Russells can be good with kids, depending on their temperament and training. Jack Russells are playful, while beagles are calm. Early socialization and training can help them behave around children.

How much exercise do Beagles or Jack Russells need daily?

Beagles and Jack Russells need daily exercise to stay healthy. Jack Russells and beagles need at least 1-2 hours of daily exercise. Walks run and fenced-yard play as examples.

What is the difference between a Beagle and a Jack Russell?

Beagles and Jack Russells are small to medium-sized dogs, but they differ. Beagles are friendly and food-loving. They hunt and have a great sense of smell. Jack Russell is energetic, playful, and smart. They’re prey-driven and bred for fox hunting.

How often should I groom my Beagle or Jack Russell?

Short, smooth coats make beagles and Jack Russells easy to groom. They only need weekly brushing to remove loose fur and dirt. To avoid infections, keep their nails and ears trimmed. If they get dirty or smelly, they need a bath.

Are Beagles or Jack Russells prone to any specific health issues?

Beagles and Jack Russells, like all dogs, have health issues: hip dysplasia, ear infections, and obesity plague Beagles. Jack Russells have skin allergies, eye disorders, and deafness. Keeping your Beagle or Jack Russell healthy requires regular vet visits, a healthy diet, and exercise.

What is the temperament of a Beagle or Jack Russell?

Beagles and Jack Russells have different temperaments depending on their upbringing. Friendly, easygoing beagles are common. They also smell well and follow their noses. On the other hand, Jack Russells are known for being energetic, playful, and sometimes stubborn. They have a high prey drive due to their hunting heritage. Socialization and training can give your Beagle or Jack Russell a well-rounded temperament.

How much do Beagles or Jack Russells shed?

Short, smooth beagles and Jack Russells shed moderately year-round. They do not require extensive grooming, but regular brushing can help reduce shedding and keep their coat looking healthy. Jack Russells shed more year-round, while beagles shed more in the spring and fall.

Do Beagles or Jack Russells bark a lot?

Both Beagles and Jack Russells are known for being vocal dogs and may bark more than other breeds. Beagles, in particular, have a distinct howl that can be heard from far away. On the other hand, Jack Russells bark at anything that moves and has high-pitched barks. Beagles and Jack Russells can be well-behaved with proper training and socialization.

Are Beagles or Jack Russells easy to train?

Beagles and Jack Russells can be trained, but it takes longer. Jack Russells are stubborn and independent, while beagles are easily distracted by their strong sense of smell. Positive reinforcement training methods, such as clicker training and treats, can effectively train both Beagles and Jack Russells. Consistency and patience are keys to successfully training these breeds.