Unique Traits of Bloodhound Beagle Mix

Looking for a loyal, loving pet? It would help if you thought about getting a Bloodhound Beagle Mix. Because of its outstanding traits, this unusual cross between the Beagle and the Bloodhound has won over many dog enthusiasts. The Bloodhound Beagle Mix is a medium-sized dog with a great sense of smell and energy, making it a great hunting and tracking dog. This breed’s intriguing traits make it a great family pet.

Short Answer

The Bloodhound Beagle Mix, commonly known as the Beagle Hound, is a medium to large-sized mix between the Bloodhound and the Beagle breeds of dogs. These dogs weigh 25–80 pounds and stand 12–27 inches at the shoulder. Black, brown, tan, and red, they live 10–15 years. They can inherit the Beagle’s short, thick, high-shedding double coat or the Bloodhound’s short, dense, mildly shedding hair.

The Beagle Hound mix is calm, polite, gentle, and friendly. They are social and make great family pets. They are very active and need daily exercise to be healthy. Beagle Hounds are smart and can hunt and track. They get along with kids and other pets, making them great house pets.

Depending on the coat they inherit, Beagle Hounds require different grooming methods. Weekly grooming prevents hair loss. Ear infections are common in these dogs, so check and clean their ears periodically. To avoid obesity, their food should be watched. For those seeking a devoted, friendly, and smart pet, the Bloodhound Beagle Mix is a great choice.

Physical Features of Bloodhound Beagle Mix

From its parents, the Bloodhound Beagle Mix derives its morphological characteristics. Bloodhounds have large heads and floppy ears. Like the Beagle, its coat is short, dense, and water-resistant. Between 30 and 60 pounds and 18 and 20 inches tall, the Bloodhound Beagle Mix. Well-built, this breed is agile and swift.

The temperament of Bloodhound Beagle Mix

A friendly and affectionate dog, the Bloodhound Beagle Mix is. This breed is a cuddler and always wants attention. It’s smart, curious, and playful—perfect for kids. Due to its devoted and protective temperament, the Bloodhound Beagle Mix is regarded as a top watchdog. It doesn’t fight other dogs and pets.

Training and Exercise Requirements for Bloodhound Beagle Mix

The Bloodhound Beagle Mix needs moderate exercise. This breed needs regular walks and fun. This breed needs space to play and run. To acquire basic commands and house training, the Bloodhound Beagle Mix needs obedience training. This breed is sensitive and does not like hard training.

Grooming and Care for Bloodhound Beagle Mix

The Bloodhound Beagle Mix requires little upkeep. Its short coat simply needs weekly brushing to eliminate loose hair and debris. Regular bathing keeps the breed’s coat clean and reduces scents since it’s not hypoallergenic. To prevent infections, the Bloodhound Beagle Mix has to have its ears cleaned regularly, and its nails must be clipped regularly to prevent overgrowth.

Health and Lifespan of Bloodhound Beagle Mix

Bloodhound Beagle Mix lives 10–14 years. Hip dysplasia, ear infections, and obesity may affect it. To avoid obesity, eat well and exercise. Veterinary exams can discover health issues early and keep your pet healthy.

 Adoption and Purchase of Bloodhound Beagle Mix

Find reliable breeders or adoption agencies if you want to adopt or buy a Bloodhound Beagle Mix. Reliable breeders provide health records, and adoption agencies evaluate the dog’s health and behavior. A Bloodhound Beagle Mix costs $400 to $1,500 to buy or adopt.


The Bloodhound Beagle Mix is a rare breed. This breed is a great family pet since it is loyal, affectionate, and good with kids and other pets. The Bloodhound Beagle Mix is easy to care for. Nonetheless, this breed needs considerable area to play and run and light obedience instruction.

It’s important to research and choose a reputable breeder or adoption agency to adopt or buy a Bloodhound Beagle Mix. Be sure the breeder or agency offers health records and dog behavior evaluations. A Bloodhound Beagle Mix costs $400–$1,500 to buy or adopt.

In conclusion, the Bloodhound Beagle Mix is a wonderful breed that is affectionate, active, and devoted. Its unusual appearance and behavior make it a great family pet. By providing this breed with adequate care, exercise, and training, your Bloodhound Beagle Mix will thrive and become a loyal and affectionate friend for years.


What is a Bloodhound Beagle mix?

Bloodhound Beagle mix is a crossbreed. Beagle Hounds are a mixed breed. The Bloodhound Beagle combination has the Bloodhound’s nose and the Beagle’s loyalty. Medium- to large-sized Bloodhound Beagle mixes are noted for their unusual appearance and friendly personalities.

What is the size of a Bloodhound Beagle mix?

Depending on the dog’s genetics, a Bloodhound Beagle mix can grow any size. These dogs weigh 30–60 pounds and stand 18–20 inches at the shoulder. The Bloodhound Beagle mix needs space to move about and exercise because it is a medium to large-sized dog. They also need a balanced diet to stay healthy.

What is the temperament of a Bloodhound Beagle mix?

The amiable, affectionate, and devoted Bloodhound Beagle mix makes a great pet. They’re kind to kids and friendly with other pets. They may scream and wander like hounds, so early socialization and training are essential. They are smart and stubborn, but they can learn and follow directions given positive reinforcement and mental stimulation.

What is the average lifespan of a Bloodhound Beagle mix?

Bloodhound Beagle mix lives 10–14 years. Genetics, diet, activity, and health affect a dog’s longevity. Your Bloodhound Beagle mix will live longer and healthier if you take them to the clinic often and provide a balanced diet.

What are the exercise requirements for a Bloodhound Beagle mix?

Daily walks, playfulness, and mental stimulation are all part of the moderate activity needs of Bloodhound Beagle mixes. Interactive play and outdoor activities engage them since they sniff and explore. Regular exercise keeps dogs healthy and trim. Being hounds, they may wander. Therefore they must be leashed or in a protected outdoor location.

What are the grooming needs for a Bloodhound Beagle mix?

The short, smooth coat of a Bloodhound Beagle mix requires little maintenance. They shed moderately year-round, so brushing once a week keeps their coat healthy and lustrous. Due to ear infections, their ears must be clean and dry. Good hygiene includes brushing teeth and clipping nails. If dirty, these pets may benefit from a bath.

How much does a Bloodhound Beagle mix weigh?

Bloodhound Beagle mixes can weigh 30–60 pounds depending on their genetics and overall health. To avoid obesity-related health complications, all dogs should maintain a healthy weight. Your Bloodhound Beagle mix can maintain a healthy weight with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

What are the common health issues for Bloodhound Beagle mixes?

Bloodhound Beagle mixes may have health difficulties like Bloodhounds and Beagles. Hip problems, ear infections, bloat, and obesity plague this hybrid breed. Frequent vet visits, a balanced diet, and exercise can prevent or identify certain health conditions. To avoid hereditary health risks, adopt from a reputable breeder who screens their breeding stock.

What is the origin of a Bloodhound Beagle mix?

Because they are a recent crossbreed, the Bloodhound Beagle mix’s origin is unknown. Both parent breeds have rich histories. Whereas the Beagle is a smaller scent-hound type originating in England, the Bloodhound is a huge breed developed in Belgium. To blend the Bloodhound’s keen sense of smell with the Beagle’s amiable and devoted attitude, Bloodhound Beagle mixes were probably first purposefully bred in the United States.

Is Bloodhound Beagle mixed well with children?

Bloodhound Beagle mixes are generally good with children, thanks to their friendly and patient temperament. They are gentle with children of all ages and make great family pets. Like any dog, children must be supervised and taught basic dog behavior. Early socialization and training can help your Bloodhound Beagle mix grow up well-behaved.