Do Beagles Get Along With Cats?

Famous beagles are friendly and active. Pack dogs with a strong hunting drive. They make good hunting companions. Many Beagle owners have cats and may worry about how they’ll get along. Beagles and cats can coexist, contrary to popular belief.

Short Answer

Beagles are sweet, friendly, and curious. According to the American Kennel Club, they are one of the best dogs for cats. Beagles and cats can get along if introduced properly. Even the best relationships have rough patches, and Beagles and cats are no different. Supervision is necessary during their first days of living together. Most Beagles can get along with cats with training.

The success of their relationship will depend on how they are introduced, the temperaments of both animals and the number of Beagles in the house. If you have more than one Beagle, getting a cat may not work because they tend to act as a pack and chase. Proper training and socialization can also help Beagles curb their hunting instinct, which can bother cats. When bringing a Beagle home with cats, make sure that any visiting dogs can’t reach anything valuable or dangerous to the cat.

I can attest that Beagles and cats can get along. With proper supervision and training, my Beagle and cat became best friends. Now they cuddle and groom each other. It’s important to remember that every animal has a unique personality and disposition, so what works for one Beagle may not work for another. With patience, training, and socialization, Beagles and cats can coexist peacefully.

Understanding the Beagle’s pack-dog mentality is essential for cat-Beagle interactions. Beagles are pack animals and may see their human family as their pack. Household cats may join their pack. The Beagle may try to dominate the cat, but with proper training and introduction, they can live together and be friends.

When introducing a cat, consider the Beagle’s hunting instincts. Cats may not be prey to food-motivated Beagles. Hunting-driven people may need more training and supervision around cats. It is essential to assess the cat’s personality and how it’ll react to a new dog. Beagles may get along better with dog-friendly cats.

Cats and beagles can get along with proper training. Beagles and cats can get along thanks to their strong hunting drive and pack-dog mentality. You must understand their personalities and instincts to keep your Beagle and any new cat happy.

Reasons Why Beagles Get Along With Cats

Beagles hunt but don’t hunt. Hunting is different from their specialty. This helps cats, and Beagles get along. Greyhounds and terriers’ high prey drive makes them dangerous to cats and other small animals. Cats are friends with beagles, who are pack dogs. Cat-dog families like them because of this.

Beagles have a pack-dog mentality.

Beagles are pack dogs and need company. They follow leaders and are sociable. Cats and beagles get along because they’re pack dogs. Beagles naturally consider other household pets members of their pack. This reduces dog-cat aggression. If a cat is part of its group, a Beagle is likelier to see it as a friend than a threat.

Beagles can be trained to get along with cats.

Cats can get along with trained beagles. Cookies and praise can teach a Beagle to live with a cat. Teaching the Beagle “sit,” “stay,” and “leave it” can also prevent conflicts between the two animals. When first introduced, supervise the dog and cat to avoid harm. A cat can live with a trained Beagle.

Is Your Beagle Ready for a Cat?

Rabbit hunting was the original purpose of beagles. They’re natural hunters due to their keen sense of smell and persistence. Hunting Beagles are rare. Beagles that don’t hunt are laid-back. Find out how your Beagle hunts before getting a cat. Hunting beagles may be harder to train.

Observing your Beagle’s behavior toward cats

Before getting a cat:

  1. Observe your Beagle’s behavior.
  2. Expose your Beagle to a dog-friendly cat before adopting one.
  3. Choose a different pet if your Beagle chases cats. You may want to get a new cat if your Beagle is friendly or indifferent to cats.

Potential issues with introducing a cat to a household with multiple Beagles

Introducing a new cat is more challenging if you have many Beagles. Beagles are social animals and may view the new cat as competition for their owner’s attention. Each Beagle must be individually trained and supervised until they have a stable relationship with the new cat. Be aware of cats’ reactions to multiple dogs and provide them with a safe space if needed.

Choosing a cat that will get along with your Beagle

Before introducing it to your Beagle, consider the cat’s temperament. Dogs can live with friendly cats. Beagle-friendly cats have lived with dogs or been raised with them. A calmer, larger cat may be better able to handle a Beagle’s energy.

Adopting a rescue cat from multi-pet households

Your Beagle may also like adopting a rescue cat from a multi-pet household. These cats may accept a new pet since they’re used to living with others. Even cats from multi-pet households may need time to adjust. Thus, you must be patient when introducing the cat to your Beagle.

Testing a potential new cat’s reaction to your Beagle’s scent

Check a cat’s reaction to your Beagle’s scent before adopting it. Give the cat a Beagle-washed blanket or toy and observe its behavior. If intrigued and relaxed around the scent, the cat may tolerate a Beagle. If the cat seems anxious or aggressive, find a cat that gets along with your Beagle.

Adult cats are a better fit than kittens.

Consider introducing an adult cat to your Beagle instead of a kitten. Adult cats play with dogs more gently. Playfully trained dogs are less likely to hurt adult cats. Every cat is different; many mature cats are as active as kittens.

Introducing your Beagle and cat

Your Beagle and cat can get along with proper training.

Train your Beagle to ensure a peaceful introduction between the animals. Beagles need boundaries and commands to avoid chasing the cat. Food-motivated training and positive reinforcement can help your Beagle behave around your cat.

Successful introductions require the cat and dog to smell each other before meeting. Place a blanket or toy with the other animal’s scent in their assigned area to familiarize them before the meeting. This reduces pets’ initial fear and anxiety during the introduction.

The cat needs a safe place to flee if the Beagle attacks. Cats can retreat to a cat tree or a quiet room if they’re scared.

Staying cheerful and praising both animals during introductions helps create a calm environment. Treating both pets for good behavior can make introductions easier and strengthen their bond.

Animal behaviorists and veterinarians can help with introductions. They can help introduce animals and solve problems. Beagles and cats can get along with training.


In conclusion, beagles and cats can make great pets if properly introduced and trained to coexist. Remember their intense hunting instinct when introducing a new cat to a beagle. A Beagle likes to get along with a calm, dog-friendly rescue cat.

Provide a safe place for a new cat and Beagle to get used to each other’s scent. Good behavior praise can make both animals feel better. Owners should seek expert advice if issues arise.

Beagle-cat relationships require patience, persistence, and training. Understanding and training dogs and cats allows beagle owners to have both.


How do I know if my Beagle likes cats?

It’s hard to predict how a Beagle will react to a cat because they all have different hunting instincts and personalities. Beagles’ reactions to other small animals may indicate their acceptance of cats. A Beagle with a high predation drive and a history of attacking small animals may have trouble accepting a cat. Calmer Beagles may also get along with cats better.

What are the risks of getting a cat with several Beagles?

Beagles may see a new cat as prey due to their herd mentality, making introductions difficult. This can lead to cat aggression and injury. Keep an eye on the dogs and give the cat a hiding place. For a smooth start, consult a trainer or behaviorist.

How can I choose a cat that gets along with my Beagle?

Consider the cat’s personality and temperament when choosing a Beagle-friendly cat. Maine Coons and British Shorthairs are more laid-back and may tolerate Beagle playfulness. A cat that has lived with a dog may accept a new dog better.

What are some ways to introduce a cat to a Beagle?

There are many ways to introduce cats and beagles. Through a baby gate, let the cat and dog sniff each other. They can get used to each other’s scent before the meeting. Meet the cat and Beagle at a park or friend’s house. This can reduce the dog’s territoriality. If they feel threatened, cats need a place to hide. A trainer or behaviorist can help you introduce a new pet consistently and patiently.

Are there any breeds that are more likely to get along with cats?

Beagles’ pack-dog and hunting instincts make them wary of cats. Some Beagles like cats better than others. Retrievers and collies are cat-friendly due to their laid-back nature.

How can I ensure my cat and Beagle get along?

To ensure safety and enjoyment, properly introduce your Beagle and cat. Giving the cat a safe place to flee, teaching your Beagle “leave it” and “drop it,” and letting them smell each other before a meeting can help. If necessary, monitor their interactions.

What should I do if my cat and Beagle don’t get along?

It’s crucial to resolve the Beagle-cat conflict. Training both animals, giving the cat a safe place to escape, and consulting an animal behaviorist may be necessary. Separating the animals before reintroducing them may help them calm down.

Is a Beagle more likely to accept an adult cat?

Because it can better defend and dominate, a Beagle may prefer an older cat over a kitten. However, every animal is different, and all introductions should be done cautiously and carefully, regardless of the cat’s age. Beagles and adult cats may also clash.

How can I test my Beagle’s scent on a potential new cat?

Use your Beagle’s towel or blanket to test a new cat’s reaction to its scent. Place the towel or blanket where the new cat will live and observe their reaction. Your Beagle may get along with a curious or laid-back cat. If they’re scared or aggressive, pick another cat. Place a small object like a toy or leash in its new home to test the new cat’s reaction to your Beagle’s scent. Your Beagle may like them if they seem interested or comfortable.

What should I do if I’m nervous about introducing my Beagle and cat?

If you’re nervous, introduce your cat and Beagle slowly. Let them smell each other in separate rooms first. Gradually spend more time together and monitor their interactions. Reward calm pets and provide a retreat. It’s fine if your cat and Beagle don’t get along. If the introduction could be better, consult a trainer or behaviorist.