Great Dane Beagle Mix: Everything You Need to Know

Are you seeking a devoted friend? If so, a Great Dane Beagle Mix could be your ideal pet. This unusual hybrid breed combines a Beagle’s exuberant nature and a Great Dane’s calm disposition. This article covers the Great Dane Beagle Mix’s looks, disposition, and care.

Short Answer

Great Dane The BeDane is a crossbreed dog produced by crossing a Great Dane and a Beagle. Although rare, the puppies have the greatest traits of both breeds. Great Danes are loyal, compassionate, and affectionate, whereas Beagles are friendly, kind, and lively. These traits create a friendly, high-energy, family-oriented dog.

Breeders employ artificial insemination because the Great Dane is larger than the Beagle, and mating them naturally could result in physical damage. Several breeders breed the combination despite ethical concerns. The BeDane is affectionate, loyal, kind, lively, and terrific with youngsters and seniors. This mix is a great choice for a pleasant and active pet.

The appearance of Great Dane Beagle Mix

The size of a Great Dane Beagle Mix is one of their most distinguishing traits. These dogs weigh 50-100 pounds and stand 18-32 inches. Their size depends on their parents’ features. Like a Great Dane, they might be strong, muscular, or like a Beagle. They might be small and stocky. Its coat can be short, silky, or medium-dense.

The temperament of Great Dane Beagle Mix

The Great Dane Beagle Mix is friendly, social, and affectionate. They adore cuddling and playing with their owners and are good with kids and pets. They’re quiet and gentle like Great Danes but lively like Beagles. They are excellent family protectors.

Training and Exercise Requirements

A Great Dane Beagle Mix needs early socialization and training like any other breed. Treats and praise work best for these pets. They’re smart and eager to please, making training fun for dogs and humans.

Dane’s Moderate activity keeps Beagle Mix healthy and happy. They like walks and outside play, but they require mental stimulation too. Puzzles, games, and training keep kids mentally stimulated.

Health Concerns of Great Dane Beagle Mix

The Great Dane Beagle Mix can have health difficulties like any other breed. Hip dysplasia, bloat, ear infections, and eye difficulties are prevalent. Vaccinations, flea, tick prevention, and frequent vet visits are essential.

Grooming and Care Requirements

Great Dane Beagle Mix has a short to medium coat, which requires minimal grooming. Regular brushing reduces their shedding. They just need baths every three to four months. Keep their ears clean and trim their nails periodically to avoid infection and overgrowth.


The Great Dane Beagle Mix is a distinctive and affectionate breed that can be a fantastic pet for the appropriate owner. Friendly, loyal, and affectionate, they love human attention. Kids need modest exercise, socializing, and health care. A Great Dane Beagle Mix is a devoted and caring breed.


What is a Great Dane Beagle mix?

A Great Dane Beagle mix is often called a Beagle Dane or a Great Beagle. This designer breed’s origins are unknown. On the other hand, the Great Dane Beagle mix is thought to have been developed to create a dog with the Great Dane’s loyalty and gentleness and the Beagle’s energy and playfulness. Due to its distinctive appearance and amiable disposition, this mixed breed has grown famous among dog enthusiasts.

What is the temperament of a Great Dane Beagle mix?

A Great Dane Beagle mix’s temperament might vary according to genetics and environment. Loyal, amiable, and affectionate, they love their owners. They are smart and easy to train. Great Dane Beagle mixes are fantastic with kids and other pets. They’re lively and adore walks and yard play. They are good watchdogs because they guard their family and house.

What is the size of a Great Dane Beagle mix?

Great Dane Beagle mixes can vary in size depending on the features they get from their parents. They weigh 20–150 pounds and are 15–32 inches tall. Because Great Danes are larger than Beagles, the Great Dane Beagle mix will likely be larger.

What is the lifespan of a Great Dane Beagle mix?

Great Dane Beagle mix lives 8–12 years. Like other dogs, the longevity of a Great Dane Beagle mix can be influenced by genetics, diet, exercise, and health. To guarantee a long and healthy life for your Great Dane Beagle mix, it is vital to provide proper care.

What kind of exercise does a Great Dane Beagle mix require?

A Great Dane Beagle mix needs daily exercise to keep healthy and content. They’re active and love to play. They don’t need as much exercise as either Beagles or Great Danes because they’re smaller and less energetic. A daily walk or backyard fetch activity keeps them happy and healthy. Great Dane Beagle mixes love their owners, so incorporating them into everyday activities is a great way to keep them emotionally and physically busy.

How much grooming does a Great Dane Beagle mix need?

The coat of a Great Dane Beagle mix is short and dense and needs little care. A weekly soft bristle brushing keeps their coat clean and healthy. Nails should be clipped and bathed only when dirty. Ear cleaning prevents infections. It’s crucial to remember that the Great Dane Beagle mix sheds significantly, so grooming may be necessary more frequently during shedding season to remove loose hair. This hybrid breed may drool. Thus frequent dental care is important.

Is a Great Dane Beagle mix well with kids?

Great Dane Beagle mixes are family pets. They’re friendly, affectionate, and playful—perfect for kids. As with any breed, oversee interactions between the dog and children, especially younger youngsters who may accidentally damage the dog. A Great Dane Beagle mix can teach acceptable behavior to children and avoid potential problems with early socialization and training. Children should learn how to handle and appreciate dogs to create a safe and pleasant relationship.

Is a Great Dane Beagle mixed well with other pets?

Great Dane Beagle mixes can get along nicely with other pets if socialized early and appropriately. They are friendly and social, but their prey drive may cause them to chase smaller animals if they are educated. The Great Dane Beagle mix and other pets should be watched closely until they get along. The Great Dane Beagle mix’s size can be daunting to smaller animals, so consider the other dogs’ temperament and size before introducing them.

What are the common health issues of a Great Dane Beagle mix?

Dane Beagle mixes are healthy, but like all breeds, they might get sick. This hybrid’s main health issues include hip dysplasia, bloat, and ear infections. Hip dysplasia, a hereditary disorder that affects hip development, can cause discomfort and mobility concerns. Untreated bloat, where the stomach bends and traps air and food, can kill. Their floppy ears can collect moisture and cause bacterial or fungal infections. Veterinarian exams can detect and prevent these issues.

How much does a Great Dane Beagle mix cost?

Breeder, location, and demand all affect the price of a Great Dane Beagle mix. Great Dane-Beagle mixes cost $500–$1,500. But a dog’s price is only the beginning. Food, grooming, training, and veterinary care add up quickly. If feasible, adopt from a shelter or rescue organization, which usually has reduced adoption fees and can give a dog a loving home.