Beagle Reverse Sneezing

You may have been alarmed when you saw your Beagle reverse sneeze. Reverse sneezing in Beagles is normal and causes rapid inhalations that sound like snorts or gags. It can confuse pet owners, but it’s not a big deal.

With their unique physical traits, beagles are prone to reverse sneezing and paroxysmal inspiratory respiration. This article will explain reverse sneezing in Beagles, its causes, and what pet owners can do to help. By the end of this article, you’ll understand this condition and be able to help your beagle.

Short Answer

Many beagle owners suffer from reverse sneezing. Reverse sneezing can alarm you because it sounds like your beagle is choking. However, it is a harmless condition in smaller and brachycephalic breeds. Reverse sneezing is a respiratory spasm that sounds like a hiccup, snort, and hiss.

Beagles reverse sneeze for unknown reasons. However, drinking, eating, pulling on the leash, excitement, heavy exercise, and large meals can cause reverse sneezing. Other causes include allergies, household products, nasal mites, irritants, foreign bodies, elongated soft palate, and airway pressure. Identifying the cause is essential to avoid it.

Unless it happens daily or multiple times a day, reverse sneezing in your beagle is fine. However, if it happens frequently, take your beagle to the vet. Reverse sneezing can be diagnosed and treated by the vet.

As a beagle owner, I’ve had my share of reverse sneezing. My beagle’s first reverse sneeze scared me and made me think she was sick. After researching and talking to other beagle owners, I learned that reverse sneezing is common and harmless. It was comforting to know that my beagle was safe and that I could help her through the episode by gently massaging her throat and calming her down.

Reverse Sneezing in Beagles: What It Is and What Causes It?

Reverse sneezing in beagles, also known as paroxysmal inspiratory respiration, is normal. Rapid inhalations cause a gag or snort. When the pharynx spasms, this condition occurs. Allergic reactions, nasal congestion, and sinus irritation can cause reverse sneezing.

Physical Traits of Beagles That Can Cause Reverse Sneezing

Beagles are likelier to reverse sneeze due to their long, floppy soft palates. Reverse sneezing in beagles can also be caused by their short noses and crowded nasal passages. Reverse sneezing can also occur in beagles that pull on their leash or get excited, which narrows their airways.

Beagles can reverse sneeze without harm. However, if your beagle has frequent or prolonged reverse sneezing, it’s best to see a vet. In the meantime, comforting your beagle and avoiding triggers like excitement or leash pulling can help prevent reverse sneezing.

Causes of Reverse Sneezing in Beagles

Reverse sneezing, also known as paroxysmal inspiratory respiration, is common in Beagles and involves rapid inhalations, snorts, and gags. These sounds may sound alarming, but pharynx spasms, not respiratory distress, cause them.

Dust, smoke, and perfumes are common allergens and irritants that can cause reverse sneezing in Beagles. Hypothyroidism and nasal infections are other causes. Sinus infections, allergies, and respiratory congestion can also cause reverse sneezing. Finally, Beagles can reverse sneeze due to overeating, overexcitement, or both.

Prevention and Treatment of Reverse Sneezing in Beagles

As a pet owner, a reverse sneeze can be unsettling. Reverse sneezing is usually harmless for your beagle. If your Beagle reverse sneezes frequently or severely, consult a vet.

Avoiding irritants and allergens that cause reverse sneezing in Beagles is crucial. Dust, pollen, mites, perfumes, and household cleaners can cause allergies. Talking to and massaging your beagle during a reverse sneeze can also help them relax.

Keep your beagle’s living environment allergen-free, and watch their food and water intake. Despite the occasional reverse sneeze, Beagles can remain happy, healthy, and energetic with proper care.

Your vet may recommend treating underlying health conditions if reverse sneezing is frequent or severe. This may include nasal infections, hypothyroidism, and other respiratory issues. Reverse sneezing may be treated with medication.


Reverse sneezing in beagles is common. Rapid inhalations cause the dog to snort or gag, which can be scary to watch. This condition is usually a harmless sign of nasal or pharyngeal irritation.

Inspiratory paroxysmal respiration causes reverse sneezing in beagles—the pharynx—the back of the throat—spasms in this case. Allergens, irritants, or congestion in the sinuses or nasal passages usually cause spasms. The airway narrows when the pharynx spasms, causing rapid inhalations and the characteristic snort or gag sound.

As a result, pet owners shouldn’t worry about reverse sneezing in beagles. It may make your pet uncomfortable, but it usually goes away independently. Consult your veterinarian if your beagle reverse sneezes more often or severely. You can keep your pet happy and healthy by avoiding irritants and allergens and helping your dog relax during a reverse sneeze.


How do beagles reverse sneeze?

Reverse sneezing in beagles is rapid and repeated inhalations through the nose that sound like honking or choking. A pharynx spasm causes paroxysmal inspiratory respiration. It’s common in Beagles and other dogs.

How does reverse sneezing happen in beagles?

Spasms in the soft palate and pharynx cause reverse sneezing in beagles. An allergic reaction, nasal passage irritation, or sinus or respiratory congestion can cause this spasm. Rapid inhalations caused by the spasm cause reverse sneezing, honking, or choking sounds.

Is reverse sneezing normal in beagles?

Yes, beagles reverse sneeze. It’s safe and won’t hurt the dog. However, it can make the dog uncomfortable and should be removed or soothed.

What are the common causes of reverse sneezing in beagles?

Reverse sneezing in beagles is usually caused by nasal irritation, sinus or respiratory congestion, or allergies. Reverse sneezing in Beagles can also be caused by excitement, exercise, eating or drinking too quickly, and strong odors. To prevent reverse sneezing, keep your beagle calm and avoid irritants.

Can strong scents and irritants cause reverse sneezing in beagles?

Yes, strong scents and irritants can cause reverse sneezing in beagles. Beagles can reverse sneeze when they smell perfumes, cleaning products, or freshly cut grass. To prevent reverse sneezing caused by irritants, keep the dog away from strong scents, provide fresh air, and limit exposure.

What health conditions cause reverse sneezing in beagles?

Allergic reactions, respiratory tract infections, nasal mites, foreign objects in the nose, and some tumors can cause reverse sneezing. In such cases, a vet should diagnose and treat.

How can owners stop beagles from reverse sneezing?

Reducing beagles’ exposure to irritants and allergens, cleaning their living space, and improving air quality can prevent reverse sneezing. Reverse sneezing can also be prevented by regularly grooming your dog. However, if the reverse sneezing persists or is accompanied by other symptoms, a veterinarian should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment.

If a beagle reverse sneezes, what should owners do?

Remain calm and comfort your beagle if it reverses sneezes. Massage their throat or use a damp cloth to cool their nasal passages. If reverse sneezing lasts longer than a few minutes, take your beagle to the vet.

Can beagles reverse sneeze due to overeating or excitement?

Yes, beagles can reverse sneeze due to overeating or excitement. These triggers can force air into the nasal passages, causing reverse sneezing. To prevent overheating, monitor your pet’s eating habits.

When should beagle owners see a vet about reverse sneezing?

If a beagle’s reverse sneezing is frequent or accompanied by other symptoms like coughing, wheezing, or trouble breathing, a vet should be consulted. To protect your beagle’s health, seek veterinary care immediately if these symptoms appear.