Border Collie Mixed With Beagle: Everything You Need to Know

Are you considering adopting a Border Collie-Beagle mix? Before buying, research this hybrid breed. This article discusses Border Collie and Beagle temperament, needs, and traits.

Border Beagles are Border Collie-Beagle mixes. Both parent breeds are smart, loyal, and active, so their offspring will be too. Medium-sized Border Collie/Beagle mixes weigh 25–45 pounds and stand 18–20 inches tall. They’re low-maintenance pets with short, dense coats.

Short Answer

Border Beagles are hybrids of Border Collies and Beagles. These dogs are medium-sized, 15 to 16 inches tall, and weigh 25 pounds. They have a lean, muscular build, a thinner frame than a purebred Beagle, and a short, dense coat with black, white, and tan colors.

Border Collie mixes are energetic, playful, and loyal. They’re trainable and great for active families and individuals. Due to their parent breeds’ traits, they may be temperamental. Border beagles are hunters and may need early socialization to avoid attacking smaller pets.

Appearance and Characteristics

Border Collie-Beagle mixes can inherit many physical traits. They can be black, white, brown, or tricolor and have Beagle or Border Collie ears. Dark almond-shaped eyes are typical. These intelligent, energetic dogs love to please their owners. Friendly and pleasant, they make great family pets.


Border Collie-Beagle mixes are lively and friendly. They love running and playing. Intelligent dogs need many toys, puzzles, and games to occupy them. These dogs also love their owners. They get along with kids and pets and can adjust to different living situations.

Training and Exercise

The intelligent Border Collie-Beagle mix loves to learn. They enjoy positive-reinforcement training and pleasing their owners. These dogs need a long walk or run every day. Give them lots of toys and games like fetch to keep them entertained. Early training and socialization are needed to prevent them from chasing small animals due to their beagle-inherited prey drive.


Easy-to-groom Border Collie: Beagle mixes have short, dense coats. Regular brushing removes loose hair and prevents matting. Bathing too often can strip their natural oils. To avoid infections, trim your nails and clean your ears regularly.

Health Issues

The Border Collie-Beagle mix can have health issues like any breed. Hip dysplasia, ear infections, allergies, and eye problems are common. Regular vet visits and grooming can detect and prevent health issues.


Border Collie-Beagle mixes are intelligent, active, and friendly family pets. They need daily exercise and mental stimulation but are low-maintenance. Preventing behavioral issues requires proper training and socialization. Border Collie-Beagle mixes are affectionate and fun-loving.


What is a Border Collie mixed with a Beagle called?

Border Beagles are Border Collie-Beagle mixes. These dogs are a mix of two popular US breeds. Border beagles can take after either parent. Some resemble the Beagle, others the Border Collie. Their intelligence, energy, and affection make them great pets for active families.

What does a Border Collie/Beagle mix look like?

Border Collie Beagle mixes can be black, white, tricolor, red, or brown. Their medium-length, thick, fluffy coat needs regular brushing to avoid matting. They are muscular, with floppy ears, a long tail, and a long snout. Brown eyes are alert and intelligent. They’re a striking breed.

How big do Border Collie/Beagle mixes get?

Collie and medium-sized beagle mixes can reach 13–20 inches at the shoulder. Depending on which parent they resemble, they weigh 18–40 pounds. Males are bigger. They are sturdy and agile, making them great for running, hiking, and fetching.

What kind of temperament does a Border Collie Beagle mix have?

Collie-Beagle mixes are affectionate and energetic. They are smart and love learning, making them easy to train. They enjoy socializing with people and other animals. They should be socialized early and trained to follow commands due to their beagle-inherited prey drive. Border beagles make great pets if trained and socialized.

Are Border Collie-Beagle mixes good with children?

Collie-Beagle mixes love kids and are playful. They’re great playmates for active kids because they’re full of energy. However, their strong prey drive may make them unsuitable for families with cats or rabbits. To ensure safety and appropriateness, supervise dog-child interactions with any breed.

What is the lifespan of a Border Collie/Beagle mix?

Border Collie and Beagle mixes live 12–15 years, which is long for dogs. The lifespan of a dog depends on genetics, diet, and environment. To live long and healthy, your Border Collie/Beagle mix needs regular vet visits, good nutrition, and lots of exercises.

Does Border Collie/Beagle mixes shed a lot?

Border Collies and Beagle mixes shed a lot and need frequent brushing to maintain their coats. Grooming can reduce shedding and hair in your home. Their short-to-medium coat can be black, white, brown, or tricolor.

How much exercise does a Border Collie-Beagle mix need?

Border Collie-Beagle mixes need lots of exercises to stay healthy and happy. They need at least 60 minutes of daily exercises, such as walks, runs, or fenced-in yard play. Make sure to let these high-energy dogs run and play.

Are Border Collie/Beagle mixes easy to train?

Border Collie-Beagle mixes are smart and trainable. They can be stubborn, so owners must be patient. Treats and praise work for these dogs. Train and socialize your Border Collie/Beagle mix early.

What health issues should I know about in Border Collie/Beagle mixes?

Border Collie-Beagle mixes are generally healthy but may have health issues like their parents. Hip dysplasia, ear infections, obesity, and allergies are examples. Proper nutrition, exercise, and vet visits can prevent these health issues. Find a reliable breeder who performs health checks on their breeding dogs to ensure the health of their offspring.