Chow Beagle Mix: Everything You Need to Know About

Dog enthusiasts constantly look for the best breed to bring home. The Chow-Beagle Mix has become popular among those seeking a pleasant and energetic companion. This hybrid dog is a mix of a Chow Chow and a Beagle. This article will help you decide if the Chow-Beagle Mix suits you.

Short Answer

The Chow Chow Beagle Mix, or Chowgle, is a crossbreed between the Chow Chow and the Beagle breeds. These ambitious dogs are being studied. Their attributes are predicted by their parents. Chowgles are robust, medium-to-large dogs. They have long snouts, muscular bodies, and dark oval eyes. These independent canines need lots of exercise and playtime.

Beagles are smart, loyal, and strong, whereas Chow Chows are independent and strong-willed. Chow-Beagle Mix dogs may need tough training and socializing. Fish oil, glucosamine, and chondroitin may be needed for hip and elbow dysplasia in these dogs. Chow Beagle Mix is a good companion for people with space and time.

Origin of the Chow Beagle Mix

Chow Beagle Mix is new. The Chow Chow’s loyalty and protectiveness combined with the Beagle’s liveliness and sociability to form this breed. The breed has become popular despite being unrecognized by the AKC.

Physical Appearance of the Chow Beagle Mix

The Chow Beagle Mix looks different. Medium-sized dogs weigh 25–50 pounds. The dog has a thick black, brown, or cream coat. The breed has short muzzles, floppy ears, and curling tails. Dogs have pleasant, expressive brown or hazel eyes.

Personality Traits of the Chow Beagle Mix

The Chow Beagle Mix is a social and energetic dog who enjoys family time. Loyal and protective, the breed makes a good watchdog. For first-time dog owners, this breed is smart and easy to teach. Chow Beagle Mix can be stubborn; therefore, consistent training is required.

Exercise and Training for the Chow Beagle Mix

Chow-Beagle Mix dogs need daily exercise to stay healthy and happy. This breed enjoys hikes, playing fetch, and running in open places. Mental stimulation prevents boredom and destructive behavior in the breed. Training a Chow-Beagle Mix is simple, but persistence and patience are essential. Harsh approaches can make the dog stubborn and unresponsive; therefore, positive reinforcement is recommended.

Health Issues of the Chow-Beagle Mix

Chow-Beagle Mix is generally healthy, although all breeds have health risks. Hip dysplasia, ear infections, and allergies plague this breed. Grooming and vet visits can prevent or treat these health conditions.

Caring for a Chow Beagle Mix

Regular exercise, training, and grooming are necessary for a Chow-Beagle Mix. Brushing weekly prevents matting and shedding. Infected dog ears should be checked periodically. This breed needs proper nourishment to avoid obesity.


The Chow Beagle Mix is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a friendly and active dog. This breed is devoted, protective, and intelligent for first-time dog owners. The breed requires regular exercise and grooming, but it is easy to care for and makes a fantastic family pet.


What is a Chow-Beagle Mix?

Chow Beagle Mix, or Beagle Chow, is a crossbreed. This mixed-breed dog has a short to medium-length coat in cream, brown, black, or a combination of these colors. The Beagle Chow is a new breed. It is usually pleasant, loyal, and protective.

How big does a Chow-Beagle Mix get?

Depending on the parents’ size, a Chow-Beagle mix might vary. Chow Chows and Beagles are medium-to-large breeds. A Chow-Beagle Mix is small to a medium-sized dog weighing 20–50 pounds and standing 13–20 inches at the shoulder.

What is the temperament of a Chow-Beagle Mix?

Chow Beagle Mixes are renowned for their friendliness, loyalty, and protective nature. They love their family and may develop a crush. They get along well with kids and other pets, but socialization and training are necessary. Yet, their protective nature makes them apprehensive of outsiders; thus, early socialization prevents violent behavior.

How much exercise does a Chow-Beagle Mix need?

Chow Beagle Mixes need 30 minutes a day of exercise. Beagles enjoy exercise, whereas Chow Chows prefer to relax. Chow Beagle Mixes require different amounts of exercise. Beagle and Chow Chow mix dogs may need additional exercise. Regular walks, run, and backyard games satisfy their fitness needs.

How often should I groom my Chow-Beagle mix?

Chow Beagle Mixes shed all year considerably. Their coat needs regular care. Brushing weekly removes loose hair and prevents matting. Bathing them too often can remove their natural oils. Maintaining excellent health requires frequent nail trimming and dental maintenance.

What is the lifespan of a Chow-Beagle Mix?

Chow Beagle Mix performs live every 10–15 years. Like with any breed, nutrition, exercise, and genetics affect lifespan. Frequent vet visits can detect health issues early, extending life.

Is Chow-Beagle mixes good with children?

Chow-Beagle mixes are nice with kids if socialized and trained early. Early socializing can avoid Chow Chow parent aggression or protection. Affectionate, loyal, and protective, they make great family pets. To avoid mishaps, oversee dog-child interactions, especially with smaller children.

What health issues should I be aware of with Chow-Beagle Mixes?

Chow Beagle Mixes might have health problems like any other breed. They may have hip dysplasia, ear infections, allergies, or obesity. Frequent vet visits and good maintenance can reduce these health risks. Ask the breeder about the parents’ health to identify genetic health concerns.

Can Chow-Beagle Mixes be left alone for long periods?

Chow-Beagle Mixes are gregarious and affectionate dogs. If left alone for long periods, they may have separation anxiety. They should be joined for at most 4-6 hours a day. Hire a dog walker or pet sitter for the company and exercise if you work long hours. Treats and puzzle toys can keep them occupied and prevent damaging behavior.

Does Chow-Beagle mixes make good apartment dogs?

Chow-Beagle mixes can live well in apartments as long as they get enough exercise and mental stimulation. Walks, playtime, and engaging toys can expend surplus energy and reduce destructive behavior. They need a safe place to rest. Chow Beagle Mixes can bark at strangers, which can disturb apartment neighbors. Training helps reduce barking.