Games For Beagles: Fun Activities to Keep Your Pup Active and Happy

Beagles need physical and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. You may wonder how to entertain your beagle. We’ll discuss the best beagle games in this article.

Short Answer

Beagles are smart and playful. Games are a great way to bond with and exercise your beagle. A scent, puzzle, and interactive beagle games are available.

Scent games help your beagle’s hunting instincts. Kibble hunting involves hiding small amounts of kibble around the house or yard and letting your beagle sniff it out. Canine nose work lets your beagle sniff out a treat or toy.

Beagles love puzzles and interactive games. KONG toys keep beagles entertained and mentally stimulated. Fill the toy with treats for your beagle to find. Tennis balls and rope toys are also good for tug of war and fetch. Games with your beagle keep them happy and healthy.

List of Games For Beagles:


Hide-and-seek is a classic indoor and outdoor game. It boosts your beagle’s problem-solving and hunting instincts. Start by hiding while your beagle stays. Call their name and wait for them to find you. As your beagle improves, hide in harder places or reward him with toys or treats.

Puzzle Toys

Intelligent beagles like a challenge. Puzzles stimulate the mind and prevent boredom. Your beagle must solve a puzzle or maze to get treats or kibble from these toys. Start with an easy puzzle toy and progress as your beagle gets better.

Tug of War

Tug of war is fun to exercise and bond with your beagle. Grab a strong rope toy and let your beagle grab one end. Pull the other end gently and let your beagle pull back. To avoid injury, set some rules, like not letting your beagle bite or tug.


Beagles love to fetch. It gets your beagle moving and burns energy. Throw a ball or toy for your beagle to fetch. Teaching your beagle to drop the toy at your feet or in a specific spot makes the game more challenging and rewarding.

Scent Games

Beagles love to sniff around. Scent games stimulate your beagle’s natural abilities. Hide treats or toys around the house or yard and let your beagle sniff them out. Scent work and tracking games teach your beagle to follow a scent.

Agility Training

Agility training improves your beagle’s coordination, speed, and agility while being fun and challenging. A backyard obstacle course or agility class for your beagle are options. Start with easy obstacles as your beagle gets better.


Playing with your beagle is fun and healthy. These beagle games are a few ways to keep your pet active and entertained. Each beagle is different, so not all games will work for yours. Playtime should be supervised and include breaks and water for your beagle.

Beagle games should be fun and challenging. They should stimulate your dog’s mind and body and encourage them to use their senses. These games can prevent destructive chewing and excessive barking and strengthen your bond with your beagle.

Beagles need exercise, socialization, and games. Beagles love their families and other dogs. Walks, hikes, dog parks, and dog sports like obedience and agility can be done with your beagle.

In conclusion, beagle games are vital to their well-being. Playing hide-and-seek, puzzles, or tug of war should be fun and stimulating. Including these games in your beagle’s daily routine can help prevent behavioral issues and strengthen your bond.


What types of games are best for beagles?

The beagles love playing games. Beagles prefer mental and physical games. Fetch, tug of war, and hide and seek are chasing games. Beagles like treat dispensers and interactive toys that test their problem-solving skills. Beagles can exercise and stimulate their minds on agility courses involving jumping, climbing, and running.

How much exercise do beagles need through games?

Beagles need lots of exercises to stay healthy. Aim for an hour of daily exercise for your beagle. Walks, running, and games are examples. Running, jumping, and chasing games give beagles a lot of exercises. Age, weight, and health determine how much exercise your beagle needs.

Can the beagles play fetch?

Yes, beagles can play fetch and often enjoy this game. Fetch stimulates your beagle mentally and physically. Play fetch with your beagle using a soft, lightweight ball or toy. Beagles may have a strong prey drive and swallow small objects, which can be dangerous. Start slowly and gradually throw the toy farther. Playing fetch in open spaces requires a reliable recall command from your beagle.

How can I teach my beagle to play games?

Teaching your beagle games is fun and rewarding. Select a beagle-friendly game first. Introduce the game slowly and with treats or praise. Start by hiding a treat in a visible spot and rewarding your beagle when they find it to teach them to hide and seek. Reward your beagle when they find the treat. Your beagle will love playing games with you if you persist.

What are some mentally stimulating games for beagles?

Intelligent beagles need mental stimulation. Puzzle toys treat dispensers, and interactive games are brain-stimulating for beagles. The “find it” game involves hiding treats around your home or yard and encouraging your beagle to sniff them out. You can teach your beagle to recognize scents, sounds, and shapes. Agility courses require beagles to problem-solve and remember routes, making them mentally challenging. Brain-stimulating beagle games are endless with creativity and persistence.

Can beagles play games alone, or do they need a human partner?

Beagles like people and playing. Playing alone can cause boredom and destructive behavior. Separation anxiety in dogs can cause unwanted behavior. To keep your beagle entertained, play interactive games.

What are some interactive games that I can play with my beagle?

Interactive games can keep beagles active and healthy. Hide-and-seek engages the mind and body. Playing tug of war strengthens and coordinates dogs. Treat dispenser puzzles can keep dogs mentally stimulated. Fetch is another game that keeps dogs active and strengthens owner-dog bonds.

Are there any games that are not suitable for beagles?

Healthy beagles need lots of exercises. The beagles may not like some games. Frisbee games can damage dogs’ hips and joints. Agility training, which requires jumping and climbing, may not be suitable for beagles. Avoid games that can harm your dog and focus on activities that promote mental and physical well-being.

Can games help with training and behavior issues in beagles?

Games can train and correct beagle behavior. Training games reinforce obedience and good behavior. Puzzle games reduce anxiety and hyperactivity and strengthen the owner-dog bond. Games can also help owners spot behavior issues early and fix them.

What are some outdoor games that are suitable for beagles?

Beagles like to play outside. Outdoor games can keep them entertained. Fetching a ball or frisbee outdoors can keep a dog active. Running or hiking in the woods can refresh and mentally stimulate the dog. Hide treats and toys in the backyard for beagles to find.