How Much Beagle Cost? – A Comprehensive Guide to Beagle Ownership

Beagles are lovable dogs with playful personalities. Beagle ownership costs may be on your mind if you’re considering getting one. To help you decide, this article covers beagle ownership costs.

Short Answer

A well-bred beagle puppy costs $500–$2,000. A prize-lineage puppy can cost $295 to $6,000. Breeder, age, pedigree, and location affect beagle prices.

Beagles cost more than just the puppy. Vet care, vaccinations, and spay/neuter surgery can cost $710–$1,200. Food, toys, and grooming can cost $140–$360 per month. Over their lifetime, beagles cost $15,585. Beagles are great pets for those willing to spend money.

Consider the setup costs when buying a beagle. Vaccines, exams, and spay/neuter surgery are among these costs. Beagle setup and supply costs $710–$1,200.

Beagles from AKC-registered breeders cost more. Champion-lineage purebred beagle puppies can cost up to $6,000. Reputable breeders charge $500–1,000 for their pups. Tricolored beagles cost less than lemon beagles, which are tan and white.

Consider the monthly cost of owning a beagle in addition to the initial setup and purchase costs. Beagle ownership costs $140 to $360 per month. Beagles require more vaccinations, toys, and other items early in their lives, which drives up costs.

In conclusion, beagle prices depend on age, pedigree, health, location, and breeder. Before getting a beagle, consider the setup and monthly costs. Beagles are loving and loyal pets that can bring joy to any family, despite their cost.

As someone with two beagles as pets, I can say from experience that they bring joy and love to our family. While beagles can be expensive, their love and companionship are priceless. We cannot imagine life without our beagles. If you want a beagle, research and find a good breeder. Your beagle can become a beloved family member with proper care.

Initial Purchase Price

Breeder, location, and pedigree affect beagle prices. Key beagle price factors include:


The breeder’s reputation and experience affect beagle prices. A healthy, well-tempered beagle from a reputable breeder costs $1,000 or more. A beagle from a pet store or less reputable breeder may cost $300.


Beagles with a strong pedigree, meaning their parents and ancestors won dog shows or hunting competitions, can cost more than those without. A well-bred beagle can cost $2,000.


The breeder’s location affects beagle prices. Due to scarcity, beagles may cost more in some areas. Beagle-rich areas may have lower prices.

Ongoing Expenses

After buying a beagle, there are many ongoing costs. Expenses include:


Medium-sized beagles eat moderately. Food costs depend on brand, quality, and your beagle’s diet. Beagle food costs $300–$600 per year.

Vet Visits

Beagles need regular vet visits. Beagles are generally healthy, but hip dysplasia, ear infections, and allergies can occur. For routine check-ups and vaccinations, you should budget $300–$500 per year.


Beagles’ short, easy-to-maintain coat sheds a lot. Grooming regularly reduces shedding and mats. Grooming your beagle at home or at a professional groomer affects cost. Grooming your beagle costs $30–$90 per session.

Toys and Accessories

Toys and accessories will keep beagles entertained and stimulated. Toys and accessories cost at least $100 per year, but prices vary.

Tips to Save Money on Beagle Ownership

Beagle ownership is rewarding but expensive. Here are some beagle-owning cost-cutting tips:


Adopting a beagle from a shelter or rescue group can save you money. Adopting a beagle instead of buying one from a breeder is cheaper and gives a needy dog a loving home.

Invest in Preventive Care

Preventive care is a great way to cut beagle ownership costs. Regular check-ups, vaccinations, and grooming can prevent costly health issues in the future.

Shop Around for Supplies

Look for deals on food, toys, and accessories. Look for pet store sales or buy supplies online.

Consider DIY Grooming

Learn to groom your beagle at home to save money. You can find many online resources to safely and effectively groom your beagle.


In conclusion, the cost of owning a beagle depends on the initial purchase price, ongoing expenses, and your lifestyle. Beagle ownership is costly but rewarding. You can give your beagle a happy, healthy life without breaking the bank by understanding the costs and saving money. To ensure you can provide a loving and responsible home for your new beagle, research and consider all dog ownership costs before adopting one.