Pekingese Beagle Mix: The Adorable and Lovable Designer Dog

The Pekingese-Beagle Mix is a unique designer dog. This adorable breed, Peek-a-Boo, is a cross between Pekingese and Beagles. It produces a petite, obedient dog ideal for families and individuals. You can decide if the Pekingese-Beagle Mix is perfect for you by reading this article’s in-depth discussion of its traits, temperament, and care needs.

Short Answer

A designer dog breed created by crossing a Pekingese with a Beagle is the Pekingese Beagle Mix or Peagle. Peacocks weigh 13–18 pounds and live 10–15 years. This little breed has a round head, well-set eyes, and floppy ears. Peagles are loving, loyal canines, perfect for families. They are peaceful but stubborn, especially when training.

They are healthy; however, they may inherit patellar luxation, hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and skin fold dermatitis from their purebred parents. Peacocks need exercise, grooming, and a balanced diet.

When socialized, peacocks make fantastic family pets. Due to their Beagle heritage, they should be leashed or gated when outside. Peagles are loyal, affectionate, and lively.


History and Origin of the Pekingese Beagle Mix

Pekingese Beagle Mix is a new designer dog. The breed is believed to have originated in the late 20th century in the US as a crossbreed. Dog enthusiasts enjoy the charming mix of the two breeds.

Appearance and Size of the Pekingese Beagle Mix

The Pekingese Beagle Mix is a little dog that weighs 10–20 pounds and reaches 10–14 inches tall. The breed has the round head and small snout of the Pekingese, with floppy ears and beagle coloring. Black, brown, white, and tri-color Pekingese Beagle mix coats are possible.

Temperament and personality of the Pekingese Beagle Mix

The Pekingese Beagle Mix is a devoted and affectionate dog. They love their families and are active and enthusiastic. With time and positive reinforcement, the Pekingese Beagle Mix can be trained to be a well-behaved and obedient companion.

Exercise Requirements of a Pekingese-Beagle Mix

While a little dog, the Pekingese-Beagle Mix needs regular activity to keep healthy and happy. This breed likes walks, toys, and other dogs. The Pekingese Beagle Mix is a social dog who enjoys hanging out with other dogs; therefore, socialization is essential for their well-being and happiness.

Training and Care Requirements of a Pekingese-Beagle Mix

The Pekingese Beagle Mix needs training and cares like other small dog breeds. This breed needs regular grooming and dental treatment to stay healthy. Positive reinforcement is crucial to early training and preventing negative habits.

Health Issues of the Pekingese-Beagle Mix

The Pekingese Beagle Mix, like all dogs, is prone to allergies, ear infections, and dental disorders. Proper care and regular veterinary checkups can prevent or treat the breed’s eye, respiratory, and joint concerns.

Feeding Requirements of Pekingese-Beagle Mix

A balanced diet is needed for the Pekingese Beagle Mix. To avoid obesity, feed this breed high-quality, filler-free dog food and monitor their food intake.


The Pekingese Beagle Mix is a charming designer dog for families and individuals. This friendly and lively breed is perfect for apartment dwellers due to its petite stature. The Pekingese-Beagle Mix can be a devoted and loving companion for years with the right care and attention.

Do your studies before getting a Pekingese-Beagle mix. This breed needs frequent exercise, grooming, and veterinary care and may have special health issues. The Pekingese-Beagle Mix, however, may be a great addition to any family if the right people put in the time and effort.

Pekingese Beagle Mix is a cute designer dog. This breed is ideal for individuals seeking a cuddly companion due to its unusual looks and energetic nature. The Pekingese-Beagle Mix is a breed that will bring delight and happiness to every dog owner, new or experienced.


What is a Pekingese-Beagle Mix?

Pekingese Beagle Mix, or Peagle, is a crossbreed. These small-to-medium dogs have features from both breeds. They have short, thick, multicolored coats. Peagles are affectionate household pets.

What is the temperament of a Pekingese-Beagle mix?

Peagles are amiable, loyal, and affectionate. They are playful and calm. They adapt well and can live in apartments. They’re stubborn, but with training and socializing, they’re good pets.

What is the size of a Pekingese-Beagle Mix?

Pekingese Beagle Mixes weigh 10–20 pounds and stand 10–16 inches tall at the shoulders. They fit apartments and larger residences.

What is the average lifespan of a Pekingese-Beagle mix?

Pekingese Beagle Mix lives for 12–15 years. Like all dogs, genetics, nutrition, exercise, and health affect their lifetime.

Is Pekingese-Beagle mixes well with children?

Yes, Pekingese-Beagle mixes are generally good with children. They like playing with their human family and are pleasant. Like with any dog, children and dogs should be supervised to ensure safety and comfort. Socialization and training can also help your Peagle behave around youngsters.

What is the grooming routine for a Pekingese-Beagle mix?

Depending on the coat type of each dog, the grooming schedule for a Pekingese-Beagle Mix may vary. They’ll need more brushing if they have the Pekingese’s longer, thicker coat to avoid matting and tangles. Regular brushing, bathing, and clipping the coat keep it healthy and attractive. Peacocks may need dental and ear cleaning to avoid infections and other difficulties.

What is the exercise requirement for a Pekingese-Beagle mix?

Pekingese-Beagle Mixes love regular walks or playing and have moderate activity needs. Kids need exercise to avoid boredom and harmful conduct. They are low-energy and may live in apartments. Puzzle toys and training keep parrots entertained.

Do Pekingese-Beagle Mixes have any health issues?

Pekingese-Beagle mixes can inherit respiratory, hip dysplasia, ear, and eye disorders from both parents. Find a reputable breeder who screens their breeding stock to avoid inherited health issues. Frequent vet checkups can detect and treat health conditions.

Is Pekingese-Beagle mixes easy to train?

Pekingese-Beagle mixes are stubborn. Intelligent dogs may only sometimes follow commands. Positive reinforcement training over time can boost their obedience. Early socialization helps your Peagle act nicely among other dogs and people.

Where can I find Pekingese-Beagle Mix puppies for sale?

Puppies of the Pekingese Beagle Mix can be found through breeders, adoption agencies, and internet advertisements. Choose a reputable breeder who screens their breeding stock and raises their puppies in a healthy and social setting. Adoption agencies can help rescue a dog. Prioritize the dog’s health over price and convenience while looking for a Peagle.