When Do Beagle Puppies Stop Growing?

Beagles are adorable. They develop rapidly from birth. The growth spurt slows, and they stop growing. A Beagle puppy’s transition from puppyhood to adulthood is crucial. This article discusses when beagle puppies stop growing and what to expect.

Short Answer

Beagles stop growing at 18 months. Their weight is stable, and their skeletal system is fully developed. Beagles should weigh 20–30 pounds and be no taller than 13 inches.

Beagles stop growing at 18 months but are still young adults and can gain weight and muscle as they age. Thus, your beagle needs proper nutrition and exercise to stay healthy. To avoid weight gain and ensure proper nutrition, puppies should be switched to adult dog food at 12 months.

Beagle puppies need socialization and obedience training to grow up well-adjusted. Socialization helps your puppy learn good behavior and form positive relationships with others. Obedience training teaches puppies good behavior and basic commands.

Understanding Beagle Puppies’ Growth

Beagles are sturdy, medium-sized dogs. They are energetic and lively. Beagle puppies, like all puppies, grow quickly in their first months. Most beagle puppies reach adult height by six to eight months. After that, their bodies will mature for several more months.

When do beagle puppies stop growing in height?

Male Beagles are taller than females, averaging 13–15 inches. Most beagle puppies reach adult height by six to eight months. Some beagles may grow taller until they are 12 months old. Between six and 12 months, your Beagle puppy should stop growing.

When Do Beagle Puppies Stop Growing in Weight?

Beagles have stocky bodies and strong legs. They are sturdy but small. Most beagle puppies reach adult weight by ten months. Some beagles may gain weight until they are 14 months old. Thus, your Beagle puppy should stop gaining weight between 10 and 14 months old.

Signs That Your Beagle Puppy Has Stopped Growing

To tell when your Beagle puppy has stopped growing, look for these signs:

Stabilized Height and Weight

Height and weight stabilization are the clearest signs that your Beagle puppy has stopped growing. They no longer grow taller or gain weight quickly.

Dental Development

Like children, beagle puppies lose their baby teeth and grow adult teeth. Most beagle puppies have adult teeth by the end of their growth spurt. They have stopped growing.

Behavior Changes

Adult beagles will behave differently. They may become lazy and stay home. They may also prefer spending time with family over playing with toys.

How to Help Your Beagle Puppy Grow Up Strong and Healthy

You can help beagle puppies grow strong and healthy by:

Provide a Healthy Diet

Beagle puppies need a healthy diet to grow. Please make sure they get protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals in their food. Table scraps and human food can cause obesity and other health issues in beagle puppies.

Exercise and playtime

Beagle puppies are active and need lots of playtimes to grow up healthy. Walk your Beagle puppy daily and play running and jumping games. Avoid overexertion to avoid injury.

Socialization and training

Beagles need early socialization and training. To raise confident, well-adjusted Beagles, introduce them to new people, places, and situations. Start positive reinforcement training your Beagle puppy right away.


In conclusion, beagle puppies are fun to grow. They develop quickly in their first few months but will keep growing for several more months. Between six and 14 months old, beagle puppies stop growing. Your Beagle puppy can grow strong and healthy with a healthy diet, plenty of exercise and playtime, socialization, and training. Enjoy watching your Beagle puppy grow up!


What is the average weight of a beagle puppy?

At eight weeks old, beagle puppies weigh 6–10 pounds. Gender, genetics, and health affect beagle puppy weight. A 6-month-old beagle puppy weighs 20–30 pounds. This weight can increase until they reach their adult weight of 20–25 pounds.

At what age do beagle puppies typically stop growing?

Beagle puppies reach a full size between 12 and 15 months. Beagle puppies may grow slowly until 18 months old due to growth spurts. Monitor their diet and exercise to maintain a healthy weight and muscle tone.

How much taller will my beagle puppy get?

Beagle puppies reach 13 to 15 inches at the shoulder. Your beagle puppy’s height depends on gender, genetics, and health. Beagle puppies can grow rapidly or slowly until they are 18 months old.

Can beagle puppies grow at different rates?

Yes, beagle puppies grow differently. Gender, genetics, and health affect beagle puppy growth. Growth spurts can also affect beagle puppies’ growth rate. To ensure healthy growth, monitor your beagle puppy.

When should I start feeding my beagle puppy adult dog food?

Most beagle puppies can switch to adult dog food between 9 and 12 months. The right age to switch your beagle puppy to adult dog food depends on their weight, health, and activity level. Before switching, consult your vet to ensure your beagle puppy is ready for adult dog food and determine feeding guidelines.

How often should I take my beagle puppy to the vet for checkups?

A yearly vet visit for your beagle puppy is advised. To monitor growth and ensure vaccinations, your beagle puppy may need more frequent visits in the first year. Regular checkups detect health issues early, provide preventive care, and ensure your beagle puppy grows and develops properly.

What are the signs that my beagle puppy has stopped growing?

Weight loss, height stagnation, and appetite or activity changes may indicate that your beagle puppy has stopped growing. If you see these signs, see your vet to rule out a health problem. Beagle puppies can have growth spurts and grow slowly until 18 months old.

Is it possible for my beagle puppy to continue growing after reaching adulthood?

Beagle puppies usually reach their full height and weight between 12 and 15 months but can grow slowly until 18 months. After adulthood, beagles’ growth slows, and they don’t change much in height or weight.

Can overfeeding or underfeeding affect the growth of my beagle puppy?

Yes, overfeeding or underfeeding your beagle puppy can affect its development. Overfeeding can cause obesity and health issues, while underfeeding can stunt growth and development. To ensure proper growth, feed your beagle puppy a balanced diet and monitor their weight and growth.

Is it normal for my beagle puppy to have growth spurts?

Yes, it is normal for beagle puppies to have growth spurts. Your beagle puppy may grow rapidly during a growth spurt. Your beagle puppy’s growth spurts are normal and can happen anytime during the first 18 months. During rapid growth, monitor their weight and growth rate.