Foxhound Beagle Mix: A Loyal Companion with a Unique Personality

The Foxhound Beagle Mix (Foxy Beagle) is a popular hybrid breed created by crossing the American Foxhound and the Beagle. This crossbreed is a loyal, active, and friendly family pet. This article discusses the Foxhound-Beagle Mix’s unique traits.

Short Answer

Foxhounds and Beagles are bred to create the Foxhound Beagle Mix. Like all hybrid breeds, the offspring’s traits depend on the dog’s genetics. Both parents breeds share traits like a good sense of smell, high energy, and friendliness, which are likely to be passed on to their offspring.

These dogs weigh 35–70 pounds and have short, smooth coats. They need to walk or run every day to stay healthy and happy. Both parent breeds are vocal, so owners should expect to bark.

The Origin of the Foxhound-Beagle Mix

US-bred Foxhound-Beagle mixes are new. The breed was developed in the late 20th century to create a hunting dog with the speed and endurance of the American Foxhound and the tracking abilities of the Beagle. Its unique traits, friendliness, and hunting abilities made this crossbreed popular.

Physical Appearance of the Foxhound-Beagle Mix

Medium-sized Foxhound Beagle Mixes weigh 40–60 pounds and stand 18–22 inches at the shoulder. Its short, dense coat is black, white, tan, or brown. Foxy beagles are muscular and athletic, with a long snout and floppy ears.

Temperament and personality of the Foxhound-Beagle Mix

Foxhound-Beagle mixes are loving and loyal family pets. This breed is friendly, playful, and sociable with people and other animals. Foxy beagles are playful and energetic, making them great pets for kids. The breed is smart and trainable, making them good obedience dogs.

Training and Exercise Needs of the Foxhound-Beagle Mix

Foxhound-Beagle mixes need exercise and training to stay healthy and happy. They need daily walks and playtime to run, jump and explore. Foxy beagles need training and games to stimulate their minds. This breed is eager to please and responds well to positive reinforcement.

Health Concerns of the Foxhound-Beagle Mix

Foxhound Beagle Mixes, like all dogs, have health issues. Hip dysplasia, ear infections, and obesity plague this breed. Foxy beagles need regular veterinary care and a healthy weight.

Grooming Requirements for the Foxhound-Beagle Mix

Foxhound Beagle Mixes have short, dense coats that require little grooming. Brushing weekly removes loose hair and keeps the coat shiny. To stay clean, this breed needs baths too. To avoid infection and discomfort, clean their ears and trim their nails regularly.

Nutrition and Feeding Requirements for the Foxhound-Beagle Mix

High-energy Foxhound-Beagle mixes need protein-rich diets. They need a nutritious, well-balanced diet. Feed them two to three small meals daily to avoid bloating and stomach upset. Avoid feeding all dog breeds human food or toxic foods like chocolate or grapes.

Living Conditions for the Foxhound-Beagle Mix

The active Foxhound-Beagle Mix needs lots of space to play. This breed is ideal for families with large yards or in rural areas where they can play safely. They can adjust to smaller homes or apartments with exercise and training. Mental and physical stimulation prevents destructive behavior.


Foxhound Beagle Mixes are loyal, energetic, and friendly family pets. The American Foxhound’s speed and endurance and the Beagle’s tracking make this crossbreed a great hunting dog. Foxy beagles can thrive in many environments with proper exercise, training, and care. However, they need a healthy diet and regular veterinary care. The Foxhound-Beagle Mix is a great family pet.


What is a Foxhound-Beagle Mix?

Foxhound Beagle Mixes are purebred Foxhound and Beagle hybrids. This breed is becoming more popular as a family pet. Foxhound-Beagle mixes look and acts differently because they have traits from both breeds.

What is the appearance of a Foxhound Beagle Mix?

Foxhound Beagle Mixes have muscular bodies, short, dense coats in black, white, tan, and brown, and floppy ears. Their long snout and powerful nose make them great scent hounds. Foxhound-Beagle Mixes range from 18 to 30 inches at the shoulder and 20 to 60 pounds, depending on their parents.

What is the temperament of a Foxhound-Beagle Mix?

Foxhound Beagle Mixes are friendly, affectionate, and social family pets. They like kids and other pets and are playful and curious. They love human companionship and are smart and trainable. Hunting dogs may chase smaller animals, so they should be leashed outside.

How big do Foxhound Beagle Mixes get?

Foxhound-Beagle Mixes range from 18 to 30 inches at the shoulder and 20 to 60 pounds, depending on their parents. They are medium-sized and larger than beagles but smaller than foxhounds. Diet, exercise, and genetics all impact Foxhound Beagle Mix size.

How much exercise do Foxhound-Beagle Mixes need?

Foxhound and Beagle mixes need many daily exercises to stay healthy and happy. A large fenced yard lets them run, hike, and play fetch. Foxhound Beagle Mixes have a strong prey drive and may chase smaller animals, so leash them outside. Provide plenty of exercises to prevent destructiveness, excessive barking, and anxiety.

Are foxhound-beagle mixes good with children?

Foxhound-Beagle mixes are good family pets and good with kids. However, supervise dog-child interactions, especially if the dog is new to the family. Early socialization and training can help your Foxhound-Beagle Mix behave around children and others.

Are foxhound-beagle mixes easy to train?

Foxhound-Beagle mixes can be trained with patience and consistency. These dogs are easily distracted by scents due to their strong prey drive. Positive reinforcement with treats and praise works best. Train your Foxhound-Beagle Mix early to form good habits.

Do foxhound-beagle mixes shed a lot?

Foxhound-Beagle mixes shed heavily, especially during shedding season. They need regular grooming to maintain their short, dense coats. Brushing can reduce shedding, but expect some in your home.

What are health issues common in foxhound-beagle mixes?

Foxhound-Beagle mixes can get sick like other dogs. Hip dysplasia, ear infections, and allergies can affect this breed. Veterinary checkups and a healthy diet can prevent and treat many health issues.

How long do Foxhound-Beagle Mixes typically live?

Foxhound Beagle Mixes live 10–13 years. These dogs can live long, healthy lives with proper care, diet, and exercise. However, knowing about this breed’s health issues is important as seeking veterinary care if your dog is sick or in pain.