Coonhound Beagle Mix: A Loyal Companion with a Unique Personality

The Coonhound Beagle Hybrid is a cross between a purebred Coonhound and a Beagle. This mixed breed’s friendly, loyal, and affectionate nature attracts dog lovers. Coonhound Beagle mixes are ideal for families seeking fun-loving and loyal companions due to their unique personalities. This article covers the Coonhound Beagle Mix’s appearance, temperament, training, and health issues.

Short Answer

The Coonhound-Beagle mix is a hybrid dog. These dogs can track prey and smell well. Depending on the Coonhound breed used for crossbreeding, they weigh 25–60 pounds and are 14–25 inches tall. Coonhounds are larger than Beagles, so their size and appearance vary.

Coonhound Beagle mixes live 12–15 years on average. Crossbred dogs are less likely to inherit diseases from their purebred parents but can still develop hereditary conditions. Hip dysplasia, ear infections, and eye problems are risks. A healthy diet, vet visits, and exercise can keep your Coonhound Beagle mix healthy.

Coonhound-Beagle mixes are loving, loyal, and playful family pets. They enjoy socializing with their owners, children, and other pets. The breed needs regular exercise and a fenced yard to avoid chasing small animals. A well-trained Coonhound Beagle mix can be a great family pet.

Coonhound Beagle Mix Physical Appearance

Medium-sized coonhound-beagle mixes weigh 30–60 pounds and stand 18–24 inches tall. Short, dense coats with black, brown, and white markings are typical. They have brown or hazel eyes and long, floppy ears. Their Beagle ancestry makes them compact and agile, while their Coonhound ancestry gives them a muscular build and deep chest.

Coat and Grooming

The Coonhound Beagle Mix’s short, dense coat requires little grooming. They shed moderately year-round, so brushing keeps their coat clean and healthy. Overbathing can strip their coat of natural oils. Clean and dry ears prevent infections.


Coonhound Beagle mixes are friendly and outgoing. They love their families and people. They’re great with kids and family pets. They may chase small animals due to their strong prey drive and hunting instincts.

Socialization and Training

Coonhound Beagle mixes need socialization and training to behave well. Early socialization with people and other pets helps dogs become confident and well-adjusted. Positive reinforcement can help them learn basic commands and manners and manage their strong prey drive.

Exercise and Activity

Coonhound Active beagle mixes need daily exercise and mental stimulation. They love walks, runs, and yard fetch. Exploration and sniffing can satisfy their natural hunting instincts. Provide plenty of physical and mental activity to prevent destructive behavior.

Coonhound Beagle Mix Health Concerns

Coonhound Healthy beagle mixes live 10–14 years. They may have health issues like their parent breeds.

Ear Infections

Coonhounds’ Long, floppy ears can trap dirt and moisture, making beagle mixes susceptible to ear infections. Ear cleaning and inspection prevent infections.

Hip Dysplasia

Many dogs, including Coonhounds and Beagles, have hip dysplasia. It causes pain and mobility. Exercise and weight management can prevent and treat hip dysplasia.


Coonhound If not fed and exercised, beagle mixes may become obese. Obesity can cause joint, diabetes, and heart problems. They need a balanced diet and lots of exercises.


Dog lovers are falling in love with the loyal Coonhound Beagle Mix. Their outgoing personality and unique appearance make them a great choice for families seeking loyal and fun-loving companions. Like any dog breed, they need proper training, exercise, and nutrition to live a healthy and happy life. A well-cared-for Coonhound Beagle Mix can make a great family pet.


What is a Coonhound Beagle Mix?

A Coonhound Beagle Mix is a cross between a Coonhound and a Beagle. This hybrid dog has traits from both breeds, including appearance, temperament, and hunting ability. Intelligent, loyal, and energetic, Coonhound Beagle Mixes make great family pets and hunting companions.

What is the temperament of a Coonhound Beagle Mix?

Coonhound-Beagle mixes are social. They love, trust, and play with family. These intelligent, energetic dogs are great hunting companions. Coonhound Beagle Mixes are good with kids and other pets but may chase small animals due to their high prey drive. These dogs need socialization and training to behave well in all situations.

What is the size of a Coonhound Beagle Mix?

Coonhound-Beagle mixes vary in size depending on their parent breeds. These dogs are medium-sized, 20–25 inches tall at the shoulder, and 40–60 pounds. Depending on their parents’ genetics, Coonhound Beagle Mixes may be smaller or larger than this range.

What is the life expectancy of a Coonhound Beagle Mix?

Coonhound Beagle Mixes live 10–15 years. They live like their parents. Dog lifespan is affected by genetics, diet, exercise, and health. Coonhound Beagle Mixes can live healthy and happy lives with proper care and regular vet visits.

What is the grooming requirement for a Coonhound Beagle Mix?

Easy-to-groom Coonhound Beagle Mixes have short, dense coats. They shed moderately year-round, but brushing removes loose hair and prevents matting. These dogs only need baths and nail trims when dirty or smelly. Ear infections are common in Coonhound Beagle Mixes, so check and clean their ears regularly.

What is the exercise requirement for a Coonhound Beagle Mix?

The active Coonhound Beagle Mix needs lots of exercises. They need 30–60 minutes of vigorous exercise daily to stay healthy and happy. Running, fetching, and long walks accomplish this. Because they are scent hounds, they should be exercised on a leash or in a securely fenced area.

What are the common health issues for Coonhound Beagle Mixes?

Coonhound Beagle Mixes have health issues like all breeds. Hip dysplasia, ear infections, obesity, and hypothyroidism are examples. Regular veterinary checkups can detect health issues early. Coonhound Beagle Mixes can live long and healthy with proper care.

Are Coonhound Beagle Mixes good with children and other pets?

Coonhound Beagle Mixes are friendly and good with kids and other pets. They should be supervised around young children like all dogs to prevent them from knocking them over. To avoid conflicts, coonhound-beagle mixes should be socialized early on.

What kind of training do Coonhound Beagle Mixes need?

Coonhound Beagle Mixes are smart and willing but can be stubborn and independent. They need consistent, patient training. Early obedience and socialization can prevent behavioral issues. Treats and praise help this breed.

Where can I adopt a Coonhound Beagle Mix?

Shelters and rescue groups often have coonhound-beagle mixes. Search local animal shelters or breed-specific rescue organizations. Coonhound Beagle Mixes can be found on adoption websites and social media. Adopting a rescue dog gives it a loving home and reduces the number of shelter dogs.