The Shar Pei Beagle Mix: A Guide to This Adorable Hybrid

The Shar Pei and Beagle mix is a good choice for a new pet. People looking for a friendly, affectionate, easy-to-train dog love this Shar-Pei-Beagle hybrid.

This article discusses the Shar Pei and Beagle mix’s history, temperament, grooming needs, and more. So, let’s get started!

The Sharp Eagle is a designer breed of Chinese Shar-Pei and Beagle. These friendly, playful medium-sized dogs make great family pets. This article covers everything about the Shar Pei Beagle Mix, from appearance to personality and care.

Short Answer

The Sharp Eagle is a crossbreed of the Chinese Shar-Pei and Beagle breeds. This mix is a medium-sized dog weighing 30–45 pounds and standing 15–18 inches tall at the shoulder. Sharp Eagles are enthusiastic agility dogs with hunting instincts. Sharp eagles have floppy ears, deep facial and shoulder folds, and medium builds.

The Sharp Eagle is a great family pet, but training is difficult. They can be stubborn and aggressive with other dogs but are calm and independent at home. The Shar-Pei loyalty, intelligence, and power traits complement the Beagle traits of fun, happiness, and curiosity. Due to their high prey drive, they need exercise and playtime to avoid destructive behavior. This mix may need extra grooming to avoid skin infections due to the Shar Pei’s coat.

To understand temperament and health issues, research both parent breeds. The Shar Pei has skin allergies and ear infections, while the Beagle has obesity and ear infections. To reduce genetic health risks, adopt from a reputable breeder that health tests their dogs. An active family can have a loyal and loving Sharp Eagle with proper care and training. 


The Shar Pei Beagle Mix is a medium-sized dog weighing 40–50 pounds and standing 18–20 inches tall. Muscular and compact, they have a short, smooth coat in black, brown, cream, fawn, and white. Their long, droopy Beagle-like ears and wrinkled faces resemble their Shar-Pei parent.


The Shar Pei Beagle Mix is friendly and loves people. They’re great family guardians. They’re great for families because they’re energetic and playful. They’re smart and easy to train but stubborn, so consistency is key. They are stubborn and may have traits from both parents, so early socialization is crucial.


The Shar Pei Beagle Mix lives 10–13 years and is generally healthy. They may inherit hip dysplasia, ear infections, and skin issues from their parents. Regular vet visits and care can prevent these health issues.

Exercise and training

The Shar Pei Beagle Mix needs daily exercise for mental and physical health. They like walks, runs, and yard play. This breed is stubborn and may attack other dogs, so training and socialization are essential. Positive reinforcement and early socialization can prevent this behavior.


Its short, smooth coat requires little grooming. Regular brushing removes loose fur and keeps their coat shiny. They need dental hygiene and ear cleaning to avoid infections.

Living with a Shar Pei Beagle Mix

Families with kids and other pets love the Shar Pei Beagle Mix. They are friendly and playful, making them great house pets. Loyal and protective, they make good watchdogs. Active families can train them daily. To stay healthy, they need minimal grooming and vet visits.


The Shar Pei Beagle Mix is a great designer breed that combines the best of both parent breeds. Friendly, playful, and loyal, they make great family pets. They need care, training, and exercise to stay healthy, but their love and companionship are worth it.

In conclusion, the Shar Pei-Beagle mix is a cute and friendly pet for families and individuals. This hybrid is low-maintenance and easy to train. The Shar Pei and Beagle mix could be your next pet!


What is a Shar Pei-Beagle Mix?

The Beagle Shar Pei, also known as the Sharp Eagle, is a cross between a purebred Beagle and a Shar Pei. The popularity of this mixed breed, a recent designer dog addition, has been rising. The offspring can inherit traits from both parent breeds, creating a unique appearance and temperament.

What are the physical characteristics of a Shar-Pei-Beagle mix?

The Shar Pei-Beagle mix’s appearance depends on the parent breeds’ dominant genes. The mix usually has wrinkled ears and a broad, round head. They have short, smooth coats in black, fawn, cream, brown, and white. Shar Pei Beagle mixes are 18–20 inches tall and 30–50 pounds.

What is the temperament of a Shar-Pei-Beagle mix?

Shar Pei Beagle mixes have unique temperaments depending on their parent breeds. Shar Pei and Beagle mixes are intelligent, loyal, and friendly. They inherit the Beagle’s strong sense of smell and the Shar-Pei’s independence. Playful, energetic, and good with kids. They love their owners. They can be stubborn and territorial, so early training and socialization are necessary to make them well-mannered pets.

How big does a Shar Pei-Beagle mix get?

The parent breeds’ dominant genes determine the size of a Shar Pei and Beagle mix. They’re medium-sized dogs that can reach 20 inches tall and weigh 30–50 pounds. Male Shar-Pei Beagle mixes typically weigh more than females.

What is the life expectancy of a Shar-Pei-Beagle mix?

Shar Pei-Beagle mixes live for 10–12 years. Health, diet, and lifestyle affect a dog’s lifespan. They need regular vet visits, exercise, and a good diet to keep them healthy. Shar Pei and Beagle mixes can live long and happily with proper care.

What are the exercise requirements for a Shar-Pei-Beagle mix?

Shar Pei and Beagle mix need exercise for mental and physical health. Moderately active dogs need at least one hour of daily exercise. They like walking, hiking, and fetching. To avoid obesity or behavioral issues, monitor and adjust your dog’s exercise needs.

Do Shar Pei Beagle Mixes shed a lot?

Shar Pei Beagle mixes have short, smooth coats that shed little. However, brushing keeps their coat healthy and removes loose hair. They shed more during seasonal changes and need more grooming to avoid matting and tangling.

Are Shar Pei Beagle Mixes easy to train?

Shar Pei Beagle mixes are independent and stubborn like their breed, making them hard to train. Success requires consistent positive reinforcement training. Obedient pets need early socialization and obedience training. Shar Pei and Beagle mix need patience, persistence, and reward-based training.

Is Shar Pei-Beagle mixed well with children?

Shar Pei and Beagle mixes make good family pets and are good with kids. They are loyal, playful, and affectionate dogs that love their owners, including children. To avoid accidents, supervise their interactions with children, especially during socialization. Early socialization and training can make Shar Pei and Beagle mixes more child-friendly.

What are some common health issues for Shar Pei and Beagle mixes?

Shar Pei and Beagle mixes are generally healthy. Like all dogs, dogs can get ear infections, skin allergies, eye problems, and hip dysplasia. Regular vet visits and a healthy diet can help prevent these health issues. To ensure a healthy Shar Pei-Beagle mix, buy from a reputable breeder who can provide a health history and screenings.